Friday, 22 June 2012

In the Summer Time..

Hi Again,

I've been busy lately sorting out my imminent move to Cardiff so things have been a little slow on the blog front. As of next month though I will be in my new place - hopefully unpacking the pc first to get on with animation!

Lately, "Project Dragon" has slowed to a crawl as I've been focussing my attention on my personal projects. I will make some starts on turning the animations into a film very soon though so watch this space!

As for my personal projects, I've been animating a 2 person dialogue piece on 3DMax which is proving quite long and challenging at 350 frames. I'm finding that limiting the frame number to say frames 0 - 50 and then blocking those before continuing to the next part quite helpful. I'll hopefully be posting the full blocked out version up soon.

For my other personal project, which is the main one I've been working on lately, I've been creating a set of creature animations on Maya. Now, this is my first time using Maya so it's very challenging to say the least, still I'm happy with all I've managed to complete so far and should be posting one of the completed cycles on here as soon as I've figured out how to render videos!

 Rhett rig by:

As you can see I'm using the non-commercial rig of Rhett the Clydesdale which is so fun to use. It can be found here: if you would also like to play with it or challenge yourself to get a nice horse gallop cycle going.

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