Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Pre-Production: Echoes Animatics

Rather than overload one post with lots of images and videos, I'll post the animatics separately. Here are all the animatics made from the thumbnails I posted before. They have varying success, it seems the simpler that I draw the more effective the animatic is.

Centaur Death:

Wyvern Idle #1:

Wyvern Idle #2:

Wyvern Death:

Girl Seeing Player and Running:

Centaur Idle:

Pre-Production: Echoes

 Since hand in for pre-production was a few weeks ago now, I think it's about time that I posted it up on here. I'm due to be starting the girl animation for this project this week with the other animations spread throughout February, March and April.

These are my research for the animations on this game project.
Starting sketches are used to get a better idea of extreme poses and how the body moves.
 Thumbnail sketches let you quickly rough out an idea of a pose or move that you think would work well for that animation.
Thumbnails are then made from reference footage and the starting thumbnail sketches and are the final version of the animation idea. They are then put into animatics to see how those motions would look in sequence. If the thumbnails have any issues, a second, third etc. set are produced until the director is happy with the idea for the shot.