Sunday, 13 May 2012

Second Try!

What with the deadline for the project fast looming I completely forgot I even had a blog.. Oops..

Personally things aren't going so well but the animation is getting back onto track now finally. Deadline is officially this friday but i'll hopefully be getting mitigating and get to hand in a little later.

Which takes a load off the mind...

On the film directing front though, things are coming together smoothly. I've found that writing lists of who's doing what and which element they are doing as well as how far along they are very helpful. (Example being: Sean; Animation; Man walking; Almost done) Although using tables makes this alot neater and easier.

I also find with deadlines looming that things tend to go a  bit pear-shaped on the organisation front, which is one of the worst things that can happen. It leads to rushing and panicking (trust me I know). To counter this I find that doing a daily list of tasks to complete helps. Although it must be warned that you can only do so much in one day and to make these lists reasonable achievable goals or you'll get more stressed and worked up!

I'm currently trying to finish the run cycle on this guy. Only have the back legs done so far but getting there!

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