Friday, 2 November 2012

Blog Catch Up - Spec Anim

I finally got around to updating my blogs colour scheme, still have a little work to do on the banner and a slideshow of work to add but it's almost there.

We've just started our next project in uni, which is the pre-production work for our major project so there'll be plenty of thumbnails and animatics etc coming up. Before that though, I think I should catch up on the spec anim module I handed in on Wednesday.

In week 1 we were introduced to Maya and had to do a simple bouncing ball sequence using a light and heavy ball in order to get used to the software. Once that was done we also had to do a ball bouncing around an obstacle course. I didn't find this part that difficult since I've used Maya before. Getting a really nice bouncing ball animation though is always quite tricky.

In week 2 I managed to get the brief tweaked so that I could spend the week rigging a quadruped in Maya. having not much rigging experience and being the first time rigging in Maya I found this quite a challenge but also quite fun to do. There are a few things I could do with fixing on my rig but they've taught me what I need to know next time.

In the final week of spec anim we were introduced to another new piece of software called Motionbuilder. Motionbuilder allows you to manipulate motion capture data and turn it into a sequence you like. For this project we had to blend 4 mo-cap pieces together along with our own piece of animation. Once that was done we had to tweak the sequence and give it a different mood (eg. tired, angry). This was the most difficult and frustrating part of spec anim since the motionbuilder rig is not designed for ease of animation.

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